” shadow tactics: The general’s blade ” roll out thematic desk to swim numerous chip go well

Wide get a player reputably instant strategy game ” shadow tactics: The general’s blade ” marching toward desk swim in the course that change, 阿爱上海同城

and Antler Games also had been initiated recently desk swim those who change is numerous 爱上海同城对对碰

plan a project, will be more the commodity collect capital of content of high quality more. The game that distributed 2016 ” shadow tactics: The general’s blade ” it is setting with the Japan of river door period, the politic sex that is a hard nucleus slips into kind of game. The player needs to run a group, group member all is had can buy person the special skill at the deathtrap, let them as numerous enemy is being slipped into like shadow in. The fane between the hill with the castle in interfuse impregnable, white pure white snow or secret forest when camping ground, single out accurate method. Set trap, poison your enemy, avoid completely perhaps to be contacted with the enemy. Have prostitute of the person that bear, cavalier, song, sharp-shooter and trap division 5 parts choose for the player. The player needs to evaluate each option carefully, give out the strategy of personal original creation, will destroy the enemy with this and fulfil a mission. And this desk swims change ” shadow tactics: The general’s blade ” game mechanism and electronic game 阿爱上海同城

similar, act a name by a player, controlling all sorts of beefeater and cavalier, other player is acted and the same role in game, the purpose is to assassinate a name. Of course in actual life does not have a law to accomplish ” hide the action ” (the position that the name can see the player goes up in chessboard) , but beefeater and cavalier contain the scope that inspect awl on base, can judge with this whether can see adversary. “1vs is all 爱上海同城论坛

” tactical game is in desk popularity is compared at present in swimming, but ” shadow tactics ” the characteristic that also has it: Players of the person that bear prohibit chatting when the plan is atttacked and moving, desk swam to also include a variety of game mode and a nonlinea上海贵族宝贝

r story, will make sure diversiform game plays a way. From numerous prepare an interface to be able to see, the price of fundamental edition is 59 euro (455 RMBs) 爱上海同城手机版

, and join optional if extending criterion ask a price 75 Europe (580RMB) or 85 Europe (655RMB) . To numerous prepare contributive specified amount to spend tall user, return acceptance to will make the immortal class piece that is based on one of 3 names of your individual figure. This annulus is numerous chip will end on Feburary 14, at present the target of 45920 dollars had finished 30000 dollars.

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