Record of highest assault force is born on LOL history: 4160! How accomplish?

Always in heroic alliance all sorts of players can study all sorts of highest property, from highest skill force of harm, top floating rate, highest assault is waited a moment all the time quite open to question, atttack force respect in permanent nevertheless, ashes achieved new record when just was released, with forces sheet skill atttacks force to differ, add when ashes just was released full the force of highest permanent assault of all sorts of Buff can be achieved 2300+ .

And megalosaurus is newer now, the Buff of each heroes also is adjusted somewhat, plus outside took as it happens to open infinite fire, a player that has love tried to study the ashes in next infinite firepower can achieve power of how many attack at most, it is their computational process and result below:

Everybody is good, I think of ashes suddenly to there may be taller permanent to atttack force in infinite firepower today, the reason is infinite highest grade is 30 class in firepower, so the fundamental assault force of ashes is met tower above a lot of.

Fixed AP=600 (cap X5) + 80 (seraph) + 40 (big dragon Buff) + 24.9 (endowment) + 138.6 (Fu Wen of complete growing AP) + 109.65 (3% supernatural power are worth seraph passivity) + 50 (wizard mixture) =1043.15

Per cent addition has: 36% (3 firedrake + ancient dragon) , 35% (cap) , 15% (blue Buff) , 20% (base the disciple of the gram)

=388 of fixed charge force (prop) + 40 (big dragon Buff) + 16.2 (endowment) + 84.6 (Fu Wen) + 30 (indignant mixture) + 254.89 (wind female shield) + 154.5 (the foundation when 30 class atttacks force) =968.49

Additional charge speed: 4% (endowment) , 48% (ghost alls alone) , 40% (deep and remote dream) , 15% (censer) , 45% (exert exert) , 60% (leopard daughter) , 40% (werewolf) + 87% (speed of 30 class attack grows) =339%

Can obtain according to the passivity of ashes 88% (30 class addition) + 40% (100% cruel attack) + 169.2% (every 10% additional attack fast provide power of 2.5% additional charge) force of =297.2% additional charge

This player tried this to cover an outfit subsequently with his young associate, achieved 3732AD finally, nevertheless this is not computational error, however this match brushed two firedrake only, and base the precursory open time of the gram is wrong fail to make wind female obtain additional AP.

At present till this player still is in optimize these going out to hold course and option, so do you think the assault force of ashes is possible still taller? Is the limit of heroic alliance in again which?

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