Blizzard state A law dog will challenge ” interstellar 2 ” : The mankind is small hold exploded infirmly

Be in 27 days, blizzard is already clear expressed ” interstellar 2 ” the challenge that will accept AlphaGo. Before be being compared bubbling with noise man-machine go, those who have game property is interstellar resonance of 2 will easier generation initiates a debate.

If say the go before is Zhu Geliang and Si Mayi,be opposite definitely, so interstellar 2 it is Zhu Geliang + Si Mayi of Guan Yu Vs + Lv Bu.

With respect to strategic level character, alphaGo should be met reserve is good almost all tactics are hit law and cover a region. It is good that the hotspot depends on can calling tactics can calling tactics hit wonderful, if become use tactics deceit to arrive to be opposite to it the professional player of battle, believe everybody sees very gladly.

Manage together, how professional player cheats computer also very suffer expect. China is interstellar and famous player F91 thinks tactics will be the point that Bencibi surpasses the most worth while discussion likewise.

About tactical rich play chess somebody can worry about the likelihood AI disregards warlike dense fog () of total figure field of vision, but I believe dog of this match A calculates this ability also can be enforced to be chopped.

Because,doing not have a hotspot is horse of such as bold 2000 wait for famous AI, will surmount the mankind already of 100 centuries small hold show incisively and vividly.

For instance this kind goes against the airdrop tank of the day, operate in 4 lines when on one similarly hereinafter (is a second of mouse nodded 20 times summarily greatly? ) . If the mankind wants to realize this kind small hold, and do not say whether game can receive so much instruction at the same time, clavier mouse is affirmative and insufficient.

Again for instance this kind of doggie develops tank blast when of the instant pull medicinal powder, acceded completely not only the multi-line above is small hold, still must have hang the god like to sentence ability to know how to should do it beforehand.

The place on put together is narrated, and no matter is small hold actual strength (should be to do not have) . But even if won the mankind with this kind of means, that also is without a hotspot.

Because you can look for this AI self-abuse one time now immediately, why to need A dog to do sth for sb. Because you can look for this AI self-abuse one time now immediately, why to need A dog to do sth for sb.

Is what the drop with the so biggest dispute depends on A dog small hold actual strength this how set? Be imitate AI or imitate mankind? APM should have all be worth and upper limit is waited a moment.

I think this also is why some players can appeal, install a mechanical arm to lie between empty operation to just calculate fair consideration to be in to A dog only.

When the specific details that Gu Ge and blizzard surpass Bencibi is consultative good, enough also fairness, does that everybody feel which player suits dog of A of accept a challenge most?

Come round to say cry is highest with respect to eye express publicly also not the kidney archbishop Flash of dread battle is the most possible, after all the honor of hierarch is hot bully gas.

No matter end product how, calculate with the argue of AlphaGo was defeated ” interstellar contend for hegemony 2 ” this game also calculates earned an advertisement in vain. Be afraid of look in masses, game also does not have what difference hard like RTS and go, play not to understand to also do not want to play anyway.

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