” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” female make P plan domestic and internationally too suddenly heat discuss

The strategy with newest CA blows hard ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” already official put on sale 9 days, first weeks sell gave 1 million, before was being broken even ” wolf ” record, and the work before game of strategy of domestic heat it may be said is hollow. Of course, so hot game nature also has many drawback, and a bit of female part. JBoden releases ” ermine cicada ” player of check scheme home ” ermine cicada ” cut pursues (graph source comes from stick) recently, a cards that Reddit netizen JBoden sends are in ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” the zone caused heat to discuss, he a game is medium ” ermine cicada ” propose model and plan of cut establishing draw come out, and attach a word ” ermine cicada — one of 4 great beauties of Chinese ” , but everybody should be OK the force of P plan work that sees CA really Oh. Mai Jiaxiu (graph source comes from stick) Mai Jiaxiu (graph source comes from stick) but, this is not foreign netizen is spitting groove only, ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” stick in for female will build a model already scamper opened boiler, especially in game the first female will ” Sun Ren (Sun Shangxiang) ” stand draw and the difference that build a model is too big, it is Mai Jiaxiu and the difference of show selling the home simply. When heat, the likelihood also has the problem of check scheme angle, below this is stuck the cut of old elder brother pursues or compare pleasing to the eye. Changed a point of view ” sweet sweet ” it is have delicate features really (graph source comes from stick) not only it is ermine cicada and Sun Shangxiang, the belle with the famous the Three Kingdoms such as female singer of article of Wang Yuanji, Cai, discriminate female singer, Cai Yan, Mrs. Zou became all over the face of look ugly and ferocious ” Number One Scholar of female edition fierce ” , foreign netizen is special still the standing small tall draw and other the brushwork of each period and stage photo made contrast, although unapt so curt but Xiaoqiao by make it connecting with the boxing skill of a people the part, and appearance lets a person be accepted hard really flatly. If you play ” historical fact ” the word of mode, the name of these female parts and figure can be a random part only, compare at those head portrait the pay of these fierce general, female parts connects the male of each different even Huang Jinjun is inferior to, the big Qiao Jing that lays plan of cut of face Taiwan netizen for instance is like that ” male ” ! Of big Qiao Shinan, true · male on add male but, although say ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” character set and dot of the chamfer that build a model are too much, but serve as ” the Three Kingdoms ” of subject matter ” total war ” game, ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” had been quite outstanding, the word does not say more, small make up should go correcting help Chinese room up!

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