The brigade of mysterious lose is newest swim change animation ” eliminate city ” begin PV is premonitory give off

The TV animation that adapts according to writing a famous player to swim ” eliminate city ” book left in April 2019 sow, the government gave off newest begin PV today premonitory, the road that the strange unreal of girl of girl of blue hair of uncle of the member that carry below understanding together and mystery takes a risk. · ” eliminate city ” told about one of these day, whole city disappears suddenly! This incident is called to disappear incident, the area that disappear is called the land of lose by people. After 3 years, the member that carry – develop also receives to entrust, the light snow of blue hair girl of the survival in missing event with disappear together, head for the ground of lose. Develop also is mixed light snow, the two people that complete each other is not acquainted deepen fetter gradually in journey, the truth that approachs disappear to miss event stage by stage… · ” eliminate city ” OP theme song also announces true center of the ministry that it is A is sung ” answer ” , PV of the begin below an appreciation is premonitory:

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