[do the effect that wants to be less than of purpose unexpectedly a few times to the balcony] –

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1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
Do not have time to go gym, so we can choose to do fitness in the home, the effect as much so good, do not search to oneselfForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Why about not gymnastical excuse, the gymnastical method on the balcony sees together below.

One, loosen motion:

After getting up in the morning, wash gargle to end, cerebrum regained consciousness, OK bedgown, wear loafer, face south, bring a smile slightly, double sufficient wait with the shoulder wide stand, the upper part of the body is loosened, private partsFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419Shanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
The share falls slightly crouch, toe seizes the ground gently, binocular overlook.

2, head activity:

Make pen point with the head, bring the head into play to write two with ideaNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Word ” macrobian ” . These two words can be written twice, make next the head makes a circle around these two words, arrange direction first, turn over again square1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
To delimit 2 rounds, above movement wants some slower, do not beg impatient, but beg reliable, time makes an appointment with 2 minutes.

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