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A kind of common staple food is compared in the life, making steamed stuffed bun also is to have a lot of cultured, want to make the steamed stuffed bun that come taste delicate and goluptious, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Still basically be the modulation below steamed stuffed bun most, the steamed stuffed bun of gallinaceous juice fresh pork, tasting is the most delicate and goluptious, and the nutrient value of steamed stuffed bun is higher also, when or else is willing to make food, steamed stuffed bun still can eat when dish, so self-restrained what is the practice that stuffing of steamed stuffed bun expects?

 Contain the method that stuffing of steamed stuffed bun expects

1, nutrition of cookbook of steamed stuffed bun of Chinese cabbage fan: Baby food contains a lot ofC of vitamin of carotene, B, vitamin, calcic, phosphor, iron to wait, the microelement zinc in Chinese cabbage is vegetable not only in best, even the flesh and egg are better than it. Burden preparation: Flour 640g, water is right amount, yeasty 5g, green, right amount, vermicelli made from bean starch, right amount, baby food, right amount, green pepper, right amount, pink of noodle of face of salt, chili, ginger, gourmet powder, dumpling, balm practices measure: Skin of steamed stuffed bun produces:

1, salt and candy are joined in flour, agitateSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Even, in Yu Wenshui of dissolve of will yeasty pink, quiet place 4, 5 minutes of;

2, water of a few yeast is added in flour, put into smooth dough next, cover with wet cloth dough awakes 2 hours;

3, dough awakes produce a large number of stoma, bulk comparing is about 2.5 times more original, show dough has made;

 Contain the method that stuffing of steamed stuffed bun expects

4, after the dough that make, take out its and lick again. ThisShanghai Long Feng forum

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The process is called ventilated, dough twists glomerate; afresh

5, after dough is finished, its chairman becomes strip, cut small next. Open drug, the skin is bob.

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1) general noodle gently stripping and slicing, thoroughly cook the vegetable that cuts man with boiled water, cut green pepper; (of 0.61776 green Chinese onion if you want to eat the meat, direct cut pork)

 Contain the method that stuffing of steamed stuffed bun expects

(2) fries boiler to heat up oil, enter ready noodle and green pepper, join pink of pepper, ginger, dumpling pink, salt, gourmet powder, put a few balm to break up fry a pan.

(3) next you can be packed directly, or you can pack its decoct blast next. Actually, stuffing makings is sweeter. In the evaporate on boiler: ready stuffing makings and the dough that awake are put into evaporate steamed bread. To ensure biscuit knead doughShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Bag plait can be thoroughlied cook, can evaporate makes an appointment with 40 minutes.

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