[ginger rotted still can eat] – of disadvantage of _ harm _

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Ginger is one kind reachs his not easy and addle food, had had in people home soShanghai night net

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Much ginger when, often also not quite the attention chooses to save a method correctly. But if ginger saves an environment too damp ginger still perhaps can let sodden drop if ginger saves time to grow too. Think in the idea of older generation person, although ginger rots also cannot destroy the flavour with original ginger quiteLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, because this is sodden,dropped ginger still can continue use, is this true?

Ginger rotted can still eat

Sodden Jiang Bulan flavour ” view, be in folk wide to circulate. Although sodden Jiang Hai is sapid, but the harm of sodden ginger is afraid a lot of people do not understand. Big ginger can produce element of many yellow camphor tree in cankered process. If be absorbed for a long time, the risk that contracts esophagus cancer, liver cancer increases greatly. So since ginger appears,decay, I can continue cankered local cut away so edible, its actually otherwise. Sodden Jiang Zhong not only the place that is decay contains Huang Zhang element, other position also hard escape by sheer luck, not be cut away came to an end.

Ginger rotted can still eat

Consider to discover, ginger hot element is contained in ginger, ginger hot element is had not only fight oxidation and freedom base cleared action, and the effect that still has antagonism gene mutation, accordingly, ginger has the effect that prevents cancer. But must not edible sodden ginger, the harmful material such as the element of yellow camphor tree that arises because of sodden ginger willForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Meeting mushroom, long-term edible will increase the risk that contracts cancer, can saying is a go for wool and come home shorn. Answer because of this everything measurable1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, cankeredForum of Shanghai night net

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ginger cannot eat, lest increase cancer of the liver,have a risk easily. Once expert proposal discovers Jiang Xin blackens, become branny or be Jiang Shangsheng tender bud, do not want again edible.

Ginger rotted can still eat

It is indispensable that green ginger garlic serves as dressing, butSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Be every time the amount of edible also won’t too much, because this often appears to still do not have edible to had set cankered condition, small the method that invents everybody to offer to save green ginger garlic, can save ginger above of a chapel: Cut silver paper the size with proper size, wrap green ginger garlic closely respectively rise, put next indoors shady and cool and ventilated place went.

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