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Liver disease is disease of huge of sex of a kind of harm, the expert expresses, besides active cure, still need to notice food more. From clinical in light of, liver ill patient can take earthnut, because rich adipose, protein etc is contained in earthnut,a variety of vitamins are reached mineral, proper edible can reduce fat of blood pressure, blood to wait, the most delectable is to be able to drop hepatic negative charge, but also cannot excessive edible.

Can liver disease eat earthnut?

One, can liver disease eat earthnut?

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Eat earthnut, earthnut has very high nutrition value, contain those who abound is adipose with protein, and a variety of vitamins and mineral, have reduce cholesterol, have cruor hemostatic, can fall blood pressure falls hematic fat, prevent tumor, help liver reduces a burden, have certain help to the illness of hepatitis patient. But cannot excessive, things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. .

Can liver disease eat earthnut?

2, note of food of liver ill patient

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Control quantity of heat to absorb, so that use up the adipose oxidation inside liver cell. Fat person should reduce weight stage by stage, make weight falls to standard weight limits inside.

2. limitation is adipose absorb with carbohydrate, of edible candy absorb unfavorableShanghai night net

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Bai Ke protects liver cell, can promote the rehabilitate of liver cell and second birth.

4. assures fresh vegetable, especially greenery vegetable is supplied, in order to satisfy the airframe need to the vitamin.

5. restricts salt, everyday with 6 grams advisable.

6. is right amount water, excrete in order to promote what airframe metabolization reachs metabolization trash.

7. contains the food that amino acid abounds armour sulfur, if the food such as millet, sesame seed, spinach can promote synthesis of the phosphatide inside body, help the adipose change inside liver cell.

8. avoid is mixed tartly excitant food.

Can liver disease eat earthnut?

3, the food of edible of appropriate liver ill patient

1, the apple contains rich potassium, but the redundant armour salt inside eduction body, keep normal blood pressure.

2, oaten contain extremely rich linoleic acid and rich black glucoside element, can reduce acid of serum bravery solid, triglyceride.

3, corn contains E of rich calcium, Selenium, lecithin, vitamin to wait, have the effect that reduces serum cholesterol.

4, kelp contains rich bovine sulphur acid, the brown alga of fiber of cholesterol; food in can reducing blood and bravery sweat is acerbity, can restrain the absorption of cholesterol, promote its to excrete.

5, the mixture that garlic contains sulfide, can reduce the cholesterol in blood, prevent thrombosis, conduce to increase high density lipoprotein content

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6, milk pledges because of containing more calcium, can restrain the cholesterol inside human body to synthesize enzymatic active, can reduce the absorption of the cholesterol inside human body.

7, the Xi third that onion place contains 2 sulfide and sulfur amino acid, have antiseptic function not only, still can reduce fat of human body blood, prevent arteriosclerosis; to be able to activation the active part of fibrin, prevent the thrombus inside blood-vessel effectively form; prostate element A also has better step-down effect to human body.

8, sweet potato can counteract body internal cause overmuch edible carnivorous andLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Egg kind what produce defend much acid, maintain balance of human body soda acid. Sweet potato contains more cellulose, can absorb the more moisture in gastric bowel, lubricant enteron, have aperient effect, can bowel inside outside body of eduction of overmuch adipose, candy, toxin, rise to fall fat action.

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