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No matter be apple or banana, these two kinds of fruits are having very good refreshment to patient of a few diseases the effect. And people is in daily life a few banana mix OK also and great edible apple, place of so OK and effective compensatory human body wants microelement and dredge bowel way. Juicer is more and more general in the life, because this not little person likes to take a fruit to extract juice, but these two kinds of fruits extract use banana and apple the word effect of juice is goodLove Shanghai is the same as a city Shanghai noble baby

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The apple adds banana to extract juice

Banana cider effect is mixed practice

Banana cider effect

The effect of banana cider veryShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Much, there is many prandial thread inside it, can bate defecate, remedial constipation, there still is many iron in banana cider, can have the effect that enrich the blood, have very good recuperation effect to human anaemia. Additionally banana cider still is a kind of cool and refreshing beverage, inside OK and cleared body hot and dry, have to cough and lobar heat alleviate well action.

The apple adds banana to extract juice

Banana cider practice

1, apple of the banana that makeSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Apple of the need when juice 200 grams, banana oneForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Root, with right amount honey and Wen Shui.

2, the apple abluent take out is cortical with pit, cut small again, banana small are cut to reserve after take out is cortical.

The apple adds banana to extract juice

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Put the apple that has cut and banana together soya-bean milk machine, join right amount Wen Shui, let Wen Shui reach graduation mark, build the top of machine of good soya-bean milk, insert electrify source, choose fruit juice key.

4, 10 come banana cider can have been done after minute, the cup is loaded after be being taken out, can join the honey that gets ready ahead of schedule, smooth OK edible.

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