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Healthy to oneself pay attention to more and more, at that time they can have certain knowledge to knowledge of preserve one’s health commonly. Also pay attention to in daily life so drink a few can of preserve one’s health stew article, and of preserve one’s health stew taste the sort that a lot of planting differ, the effect that sort of avery kind of goes to to human body removes also is different. Introduce preserve one’s health to stew for everybody next so article what recipe is there?

Preserve one's health is stewed taste cookbook

Tremella lotus seed a thick soup

, a thick soup of tremella lotus seed

Material: Tremella 50 grams, lotus seed 10, lily 15, jujube 5, medlar 8, rock candy 100 overcome

Practice: 1, tremella is usedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Water builds boiler bubble, such tremella ability is soft, bubble 5 hours, abluent and lacerate.

2, add water to want a foundationLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Of tremella more or less to add water, do not want halfway to add water as far as possible.

3, join lotus seed, lily, stew 2 hours together, jujube, rock candy is added when seeing soup collect is stiff, boil rock candy change can.

2, boiler of the greens that stew

Material: Pumpkin, bai Luobo, carrot, xianggu mushroom, rape, lima-bean, thick stick head piece, ginger

Practice: 1, vegetable cuts small, fry carrot with oil piece

2, put the carrot that has fried and other data in arenaceous boiler together.

Preserve one's health is stewed taste cookbook

3, add clear water.

4, after boil, make down fire stews half hour.

5, before giving boiler finally, add a few salt can.

3, Yan Jiao of boiled in clear soup

Material: Yan Jiao, rock candy

Practice: 1, hard part part is torn apart after Yan Jiao immerses two hours, carry foreign matter, the sieve that use a network is being installed clean repeatedly, drop does water.

2, enter the handleless cup that stew in, bubble of consolidate cool boiled water 10 hours (altogether 12 hours, if to be warm puts freezerNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Immerse. Bai Yan is not to need so long) .

3, again some more lacerate, the water inside boiler is burned, put the handleless cup that stew to turn to stew 2 hours for 90 degrees firepower.

4, the bird’s nest that has stewed is put cool hind put freezer cold storage, everyday the morning is hollow one spoon adds dip honey eats below. If like rock candy can stew rock candy water additionally to join. So that save,the part that did not take does not join carbohydrate please, eat inside a week.

Preserve one's health is stewed taste cookbook

Clam of the papaya snow that stew

4, clam of the papaya snow that stew

Material: Papaya 1, snow clam creams 10 grams, milk 1 bag, rock candy 1 small piece

Practice: 1, snow clam creams with lukewarm leach overnight, carry go foreign matter, moment is boiled a bit in putting boiled water (can join Jiang Pian) , drop does water share.

2, papaya abluent incision, join snow clam to cream with rock candy, the Chinese flowering quince that dissections on the lid, secure with toothpick.

3, turn on the water inside boiler burn, medium baking temperature lies between water to stew 1 hour 30 minutes 0, add milk next stew 5 minutes again can.

5, Xue Er rock candy stews papaya

Material: Papaya 1, xue Er half, rock candy is right amount, egg 1


1, papaya flay, go cutting small after seed.

2, Xue Er leaves with bleb after be being washed clean, rip Cheng Xiaoduo.

3, 3 bowls of water are entered in the handleless cup that stew, put papaya, Xue Er, rock candy to lie between water to stew a hour together, add an egg.

6, face of the lark that stew phoenix

Material: Chicken 1200 grams, pig thigh meat 200 grams, wheaten flour 100 grams, pork chop bone (big) 200 grams, green Chinese onion 6 grams, ginger 5 grams, cooking wine, salt, chicken oil, gourmet powder, balm is right amount

Practice: 1, will tender chicken throws the float in boiling water boiler, fish out is abluent;

2, 3 grams cut green 3 grams cut end, green1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Paragraph, ginger stripping and slicingForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

3, chop of pig thigh meat becomes end, put refined salt, cooking wine, gourmet powder and clear water, agitate comes have stickiness, rejoin onion powder and balm mix stuffing makings;

4, become flour knead dough dough, wrap bird form boiled dumpling together with stuffing makings, thoroughly cook reserve;

5, take pot, the grate that use bamboo pays a copy, put onion paragraph, Jiang Kuai, chop (shank) , add clear water (2500 milliliter) , park burns boil; on flourishing fire

6, put tender chicken and cooking wine to burn boil; again

7, stew with small fire at tender chicken crisp ripe, choose a Jiang Kuai, green paragraph, shank need not;

8, take out bamboo grate, cast aside; of net surplus foam

9, join refined salt and gourmet powder, put dumpling bowl, be surrounded in chicken all round, boil will be burned on fire of boiler park flourishing again, drench on ripe chicken is oily can.

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